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A seed-propagated hybrid variety for CBDV biomass production. Spicy, peppery and garlic aroma. Vigorous growth and bushy. 3x4 ft. Grow only at late planting or under 12/12 hr light for flower. Emerald Cup and Texas Cannabis Cup winner. Previously marketed as Garlic Jam. MAY HERM IF VEGGED over 14 hrs.

Type:  Feminized Seed
Fem Rate: 99% @ 12/12 light; <90% if vegged
Germ Rate: Medium, 75%+
Flowering Type: Late Season Photoperiodic
Flowering Time: 45 - 56 days
Ideal Planting Time: July 1 - Aug 15 direct seeded
Optimal Environment: Outdoor
Growing Conditions: 70-85 F, Low to Med Humidity, High Light
Use Case:  CBDV Biomass
Rec Planting Density: 24-48” spacing
Expected Yield: 0.5-1.5 lbs per plant
CBDA: 7-10%
Minors: 5-8% CBDVA
THC Compliance:  <0.3% Total-THC 4th Week of Flower
Total Terpenes: 2-3%
Terp Class: CLX
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Check out some common questions below...

Are your varieties USDA-compliant?

All varieties test under 0.3% Total THC 30 days prior to harvest, per USDA sampling protocols. Email for Pre-Harvest Compliance COAs.

What is the minimum size order?

100 seeds per cultivar.

Are all of your seeds Feminized?

Legendary OG, Cali OG, Jack, Dessertz and Auto Gass have a 99.9% feminization rate when utilizing the recommended Zera Farms seedling protocol. 

Strawberry Jam, Cali Cake, Classic Cookies, and Tahoe OG are 99% feminized when utilizing the recommended Zera Farms seedling protocol. An optimized procedure is required for these varietals because of the equatorial provenance of the genetics. 

The “bulk CBDV lines”, which have been marketed as Garlic Jam and Guava Jam, share an equatorial provenance and also require an optimized propagation procedure.

Double Bubble, Cookie Crush and Cloud Cruiser are monoecious by design for use in dual-use crops and typically show 10-30%+ herm.