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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of your seeds Feminized?

Legendary OG, Cali OG, Jack, Dessertz and Auto Gass have a 99.9% feminization rate when utilizing the recommended Zera Farms seedling protocol. 

Strawberry Jam, Cali Cake, Classic Cookies, and Tahoe OG are 99% feminized when utilizing the recommended Zera Farms seedling protocol. An optimized procedure is required for these varietals because of the equatorial provenance of the genetics. 

The “bulk CBDV lines”, which have been marketed as Garlic Jam and Guava Jam, share an equatorial provenance and also require an optimized propagation procedure.

Double Bubble, Cookie Crush and Cloud Cruiser are monoecious by design for use in dual-use crops and typically show 10-30%+ herm.

Are your varieties USDA-compliant?

All varieties test under 0.3% Total THC 30 days prior to harvest, per USDA sampling protocols. Email Matt@zerafarms.com for Pre-Harvest Compliance COAs.

What is the minimum size order?

100 seeds per cultivar.

How are seeds priced?

Seeds are tier-priced per volume. Exact quantity should fall within quantity range selected

How do I Order your seeds?

Load up the Cart. Select Payment: either Venmo, Paypal or Other (Wire Transfer, Zelle). If Paypal or Venmo, payment can be completed on our website. If Wire or Zelle, we will process your payment through email invoice. MTA will be executed via Docusign, using the email and info you provide at checkout. Once MTA is signed, order will be finalized and shipped.

How do you ship Domestic orders?

We ship all domestic orders USPS Priority Maiil, with few exceptions for customers' special requests. Orders are insured up to $100 and tracked.

How do you ship International orders?

International orders are approved on an individual basis, normally requiring Phytosanitary paperwork and proof of registration in import country. Additional info will be requested via email in order to process and ship international orders.

Do I have to sign an MTA?

Yes, all orders must have a signed MTA completed before seeds ship. This will be done via Docusign after your order is completed on the website.

Can I breed with your seed?

No, every purchase requires a signed MTA. This document outlines that growers are allowed to cultivate seed in a single crop and harvest materials. The document also outlines the restrictions on growers to breed, make selections, take clones, or collect pollen, etc.

Will Zera Farms seed work in my environment?

For most of our varieties, we suggest not growing in longer than 14 hr days. For the most part, that means staying South of 40 deg North latitude, or planting later in those regions. Please see this sunlight hour tool to gauge whether Zera Farms seed will work for you, and when.

What are your germ rates?

Germ rates exceed 85% when utilizing the Zera Farms seedling protocol. Seed orders are packaged with 15% excess by weight to accommodate. 

Do you have a PDF catalog available?

Yes, please email matt@zerafarms.com or use the contact form on the About Us page to request a PDF catalog.

Who is your Point of Contact?

Matt McClain is the Director of Business Development. His email is Matt@zerafarms.com. You can also fill out the form in the About Us.

What is your address?

Our farm address is

6501 Chagall Dr. Moorpark, CA 93021.

For Return mail address, please email Matt@zerafarms.com

Is Zera Farms a registered Industrial Hemp Seed Breeder?

Yes, we are a registered Industrial Hemp Seed Breeder with the California Department of Food and Agriculture. See our license here.

Is Zera Farms a registered Seed Seller?

Yes, Zera Farms is a registered Seed Seller permitted by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Please see our Seed Seller's Permit here.